Welcome to txConnect for Holliday ISD



District Message




If you remember the information you used for Txconnect last year, you may logon using that information.  If you do not remember the information, you will need to reset your account using the "Forgot your User Name/Password" that is located below the login box.


If your student is new to the district, please follow the directions below.


1.  When you receive the letter from the school, please follow the directions on the letter.  The first step is to create a NEW user account.  This box is found below the login box.  You will then use the information provided on the letter to login and create a new user id and password.


2.  If you provided an email address on your txConnect account, please verify that your email address was entered correctly. This will ensure that you receive your subscribed email alerts for your children as well as the alerts that appear for you within txConnect. Your email address is located on the “My Account” tab in txConnect. Please view the email address that you entered. If incorrect, please edit/change and save.

Thank you!